This would be the first post regarding the Mazdaspeed 3. There is an ever growing list of mods and changes that I would like to do to this car to make it “perfect”. Thus far she’s pretty stock aside from the 18% tint all around and the de-badging that was completed yesterday.

Today I ordered a front and rear pair of Black Out “Flying M” emblems and a set of Billet Shifter Spacers to replace the rubber ones that Mazda pre-installs.

The remainder of the mod list is as follows:
Rear Motor Mount – <a title=”SURE Torq R3 Sport” href=”″ target=”_blank”>SURE Torq R3 Street</a>
Short Ram – <a title=”SURE Aeros” href=”” target=”_blank”>SURE Aeros</a> or <a title=”cp-e XcelNANO” href=”” target=”_blank”>cp-e¬†Xcel NANO</a>
Turbo Inlet – <a title=”SURE Sidewinder” href=”” target=”_blank”>SURE Sidewinder</a> or <a title=”CPE Nvscid” href=”” target=”_blank”>cp-e Nviscid</a>
Window Visors – Holding out for some tinted OEMs but they have been rather hard to come by in the US.

I’m not sure if I want to stick it with one company, SURE, or if I wanna mix it up a bit and SURE + CPE. Both companies get rave reviews, however SURE seems to be dedicated to Mazda performance as a whole so I’m really thinking about sticking with them.